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In late April, I attended a forum “China-U.S. Business Forum: Finance and Innovation” hosted by Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, my alma mater, at the New York Public Library. The speakers included Jack Rosen, CEO of Rosen Partners; Steven Barnett, Division Chief (China Division, Asia Pacific Department), International Monetary Fund (IMF); Gary Rieschel, Founding Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partner; Hongbin Cai, Dean of Guanghua School of Management; and other China veterans. The speakers, both Chinese and American, have been doing business with China or in China for an extensive period of time. For example, Gary Rieschel has moved his family to Shanghai from the U.S. to manage his VC fund Qinming Venture Partner. The speakers were divided on the prospects for China’s economy and markets. Some of them painted a much more bullish picture than others. Differences of opinion, needless to say, are typical when a bunch of economists, business people and lawyers sit down to discuss China. Each party may have dramatically different opinions from each other. The reason is that China’s economy or market is not homogeneous, but diversified and full of self-sustained pockets that posses their own ecosystems. Broad-brush conclusions about China often sound ill-informed... Read more →