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Alibaba Calls it Quits on its U.S. eCommerce Effort

In June 2014, I wrote an article about Alibaba's launch of 11 Main in the U.S. Please click here to read the article. Only a year later, Alibaba sold 11 Main to OpenSky. As Alibaba's Executive Vice Chairman Joseph Tsai said in an interview, "the key issue is whether we are going to have something in the U.S. market that will really target U.S. consumers. We think in the long run that's is an interesting market to us. But today, our focus is very much on cross-border activities" that connect U.S. sellers with Chinese consumers." Wasn't 11 Main designed to serve this purpose or has Alibaba failed to convince enough U.S. sellers to list on 11 Main? Alibaba Stumbles in U.S. Online Market - WSJ (June 24, 2015) Read more →