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Alibaba recently unveiled its new venture in the U.S. 11main.com, an eCommerce business offering similar services to Amazon and eBay, a market place for smaller vendors. The site is not available yet. Here is a peek of the home page of 11 Main. Should Amazon or eBay be concerned about Alibaba's move? In the short-term, they should not. It took a long time for Amazon and eBay to build their empires in the U.S. Even with Alibaba's deep pocket behind it, 11 Main is still a new entrant to this market, a lot of things to learn and catch up. Additionally, consumers' demographics in the States is significantly different. As a new player in the U.S., 11 Main needs some time to collect and build data to understand U.S. consumers. Moreover, U.S. eCommerce market is much different from that of China. For example, the eCommerce market is more developed in the U.S. China's online retail penetration of Internet users was 42.9% in 2012, compared to 71.6% in the United States. iResearch expects that China's online retail penetration may increase to 53.7% by 2016. Please refer to Chinese Consumers Moving On-line. The competition in eCommerce space in the U.S. is far... Read more →