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Next Big Platform - Text Messaging


People have been searching for the next big platform, is it VR, or google glasses, or cars?  No, definitely not.  It is messaging platform.  Few people bet it right except genius Mark Zukkerberg.  The two platforms he owns, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp have active users of 1.6 billion combined per month.


Messaging Platform by BI

The top 4 messaging platforms have more than 3 billion users. Data source: Business Insider


Messaging Platforms


Wall Street Journal points out that Messaging platform is more than facilitating texting.  They move beyond social media functions to become an important tool for on-line payment, shopping and other services.  Wechat under Chinese Internet giant Tencent has taken it to a new level.  http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-future-of-texting-e-commerce-1451951064

Chinese always on the phone

Yes, Wechat has become the center of Chinese people's daily life.  Any business targeting China or its consumers will be doomed for disappointment if without taking it into consideration and integrating into its business plan.